Saturday, July 31, 2010

Time for someone or someones to take over.

As I have not been in town many weekends, would anyone like to take over sending out invitations, posting a monthly event, and posting from time to time?

I am happy, delighted to have gotten this started but it is time to hand it off and get myself back to creating some more things.

The idea was for this to be a community effort. That's why this was set up as a team-blog. But, thus far, no one else has posted. Inviations were sent out but few have taken advantage of them.

So, who wants to jump in? Post pics? Write a line or three? Perhaps assist with the Facebook Group?

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Black Sunday - RRFM for November 09 a huge hit.

Black Sunday

The RRFM for November was a wonderful event. That goes without saying, I guess, but I felt like saying it anyway. I had been telling people to forget Black Friday; come on out to the Free market and Leave your wallet at home. Craig said that it was a sort of Black Sunday but that just reminds me of the movie. Lots of folks took the hint though and it was a wonderful time.

We were joined by Food Not Bombs to so there was music, drumming and lots of food as well goodies everywhere. We spread out past our normal limits in Holmes Park. A great day.

There were writers and illustrators and radio personalities and journalists and city commissioners and musicians and folks of all types bringing things of all sorts.

Furniture, electronics (TVs and VCRs and DVD players) and small home appliances like capuccino makers and coffee makers and iced tea makers and blenders and pots and pans and dishes and utensils and you get the idea. Even an ice cream sandwich maker.

Clothing was everywhere. CDs, DVDs, tapes, books and magazines as well. Furniture and garden accessories were all over the place.

Someone had brough her collection of baskets and ceramic figurines to give away. Three 1.5 x 2 foot flats of figurines of angels and goddesses and nymphs and people took one, here and there. A wonderful addition and we appreciate it.

I brought much of what I had taken from my parent's home. it was great to see my mother's Pyrex baking dishes go to a family who really needed them and see her hats, too small for me to wear, enjoyed being worn around the park.

So maybe Black Sunday is not a bad term after all. Remember, at the RRFM, regifting is always in vogue and never impolite. See you December 27th.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Talk about easy!

Adam was out of town this month -- his mother just died -- and he's such a leader that we were afraid it was all going to fall apart without him. Surprise! Jazmin arrives at 12, I arrive at 12:20, Shelley and Matt arrive at 1, and everyone else just comes in, sets out their stuff, greets one another and catches up, browses the new stuff, and generally acts (a) welcoming and (b) like they knew what they were doing. SO WONDERFUL! We had folks drive down from Titusville, and others who read about RRFM on a mailing list and wanted to introduce themselves to everyone, and it was a real community. Just lovely.

So nice to NOT be needed after all! Well done, everyone!

.:. Craig

Saturday, July 18, 2009

RRFM Comic Relief: "Perpetually Unhappy Person" Emails

In my continuing effort to bring comic relief to what is already quite a handy, useful, and enjoyable endeavor, I present you with the latest in our series of:


Please note my replies are in italics and my remarks and inserted comments are in parenthesizes and italics. I changed the person's name and email address, of course.

From: Perpetually Unhappy Person []
Sent: Thursday, July 16, 2009 11:10 PM
To: Adam Byrn Tritt;
Subject: Re: [SpaceCoast_BST_CommunityChat] Next Really Really Free market is July 26th.

My daughter and I brought my car loaded. People went through our stuff (and how else did you expect people to see what they needed?), throwing it on the ground and never ever putting it back neatly (some things do fall on the ground, it is also quite windy. I think this person wanted everything refolded and put back into the bags after each perusal.).

I felt some of the people were rude, mainly the ones that brought nothing. At that time, my daughter and I were both out of work for the past 6 months and we hoped we would leave with something. (How is it anyone's fault if there was nothing there they needed or wanted? There was food and books and...) I was very disappointed as many people showed up without anything, however helped themselves to everyones' stuff....(most of us WANT our things gone. If you need it, TAKE IT!) and I mean brought their own Wal-Mart bags (We ASK people to bring their own bags. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. DUH!)...............I will never do it again.

(Folks. I am there from the beginning to the end (nearly). Shelley is there from the beginning (nearly) to the end. We keep our eyes out. Lots of folks do, as a matter of fact. it's a community effort. We saw none of this rampant greedery and wanton tossage.)

From: Adam Byrn Tritt
Subject: RE: [SpaceCoast_BST_CommunityChat] Next Really Really Free market is July 26th.
To: “Perpetually Unhappy Person” []
Date: Friday, July 17, 2009, 8:48 AM

You saw things I certainly didn’t, but sure, don’t return if that was your impression. Like Food Not Bombs, this is, in part, designed to help those who have nothing as well as distribute excess goods. If homeless people or people passing by see it and need something, then it’s great. The point is to provide for needs and not have things go into landfills, NOT to swap goods or trade goods.

But, I must admit, some people do not follow the rules and are less than neat. Some people drop their goods and leave me or Shelley or others to clean up their stuff at four. Some people are just, what can I say, People. Too bad that is, yes, but we don’t let it spoil the concept.

Why would we let one or two problems end the event that does such overall good?

But, it is a public event, so you are always free to tell the person to put your things back neatly, or that you would rather not give to them. It’s your choice. No one is in charge.


From: Perpetually Unhappy Person []
Sent: Thursday, July 17, 2009 11:13 PM
To: Adam Byrn Tritt;
Subject: Re: [SpaceCoast_BST_CommunityChat] Next Really Really Free market is July 26th.

As for the homeless people, the ones I were referring were not homeless they were just in considered and disrespectful. And I was not the only one who notice these certain people. (It's always a good idea to trot out the un-named, invisible witnesses.) But you view what you want. Can't believe I expressed my opinion (You all suck and I'm not coming back is an opinion?) and wow you are rude. I was informed that people may not like what I have to say (there are those un-named invisible folks again. What? Did he take a poll of his invisible friends? "Will people like what I say? Yay or Nay?"), but had the knowledge that I could say what was on my mind if I noticed something. Next time, I will keep my mouth shut.

From: Adam Byrn Tritt
Subject: RE: [SpaceCoast_BST_CommunityChat] Next Really Really Free market is July 26th.
To: "Perpetually Unhappy Person” []
Date: Saturday, July 18, 2009, 8:40 AM

Hey, I put this together with some friends. A diffuse collective getting a job done. No pay. Me. Some friends. If you don’t like it and don’t want to work to ‘fix’ it, please just don’t show up.

You complained. You didn’t offer to help. You didn’t offer to fit it. You didn’t try to improve it. You just bitched. That makes you part of the problem.

Got it?

Probably not.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

June 09 Freemarket was a Blast.

The Freemarket in June was amazing. Dave Stover from BlueDuck Enterprises (computer repair and document services) brought his stock of extra computer parts with RAM of various types, modems, cords, printers, boards and enough other spare parts to build several computers with. There was furniture and VCR, DVD players, and a phonograph. There was plenty of clothing and boxes and boxes of children’s clothing and shoes. Great for families with growing kids.

There was media as well with seven boxes of books as well as tapes, CDs, records and computer games.

There were household appliances as well and tools for the taking.

People arrived early (about quarter to one) and, after two large waves, we wound up around three-fifteen.

I picked up two small baskets of exactly the size and shape I was about to buy. One holds MP3 players and such and the other chargers and cords. So I, and many others, went away happy.

There was plenty of food for the offing as well,

This time, no one left their things and we had no cleanup. We certainly appreciate that. It’s a market, after all, not a dump. One person took much of what was left to CITA.

We had one small challenge: One older lady had several bags of clothing she brought. As I was helping her open and put them out, I found one bag had syringes, needled and all, in it. Lots of them. A BIG no-no. I turned to find her not there and I took the bag and disposed of it properly (we have a sharps container at The Wellness Center). Please please please no prescription medical supplies or anything that might be considered a biohazard.

Already I have two crates plus fencing and an office chair ready for the Freemarket on July 26th. See you there.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Free Market in May. Growing and Growing.

May's Free Market started early with folks showing up around twelve-thirty to set up. Many came with tables but discovered the location was perfect in that no tables are needed. No tables and plenty of shade.

There were over fifteen large boxes of book this time brought by several people. Plus, DVDs, CDs, CD ROMS and videos. A local radio personality brought a large number of cassette tapes as well.

There was plenty of furniture this time to. There were even small appliances and electronics. Blenders, satellite dish, coaxial cable, a game system, bathroom appliances, VHS players and some other devices I didn't recognize.

On top of this there was plenty of clothes and food. And a block over, across the street against the water was Food Not Bombs and there was constant give and take between the groups. All were fed, clothed, furnished, books, musics and electronicated.

How could it be better? Not sure. I think, though, in June, we'll find out.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The First Really Really Free Market in Melbourne and Palm Bay, Florida

Actually, the first in Melbourne and Palm Bay but, at this time, the only RRFM in Florida. And it was rousing success beyond any concept I think any of us had.

People started arriving just before one pm. Parking was a little difficult due to the Art Fest being at the same time a block over. But the new Cuban restaurant, El Ambia Cubano, (950 E. Melbourne Ave, 321-327-8389) was happy to help by holding a bit of parking for us. They also were happy to help with a dolly and manpower as well as with (vegetarians, skip to the next paragraph) an amazing whole pig BBQ'd under coals as well as fresh squeezed cane juice. These folks compost and recycle even though such services are not present for businesses. If you can, go there.

By half past one, it was hopping. There were steady waves inflow and outflow until a bit after three. Then it slowed and, by four, there was nearly nothing left. Some took the little left home to bring next time. Some took what was left to charity.

We had folks from many different areas of the county and even city officials (Michele Paccione, City Commissioner, with me, at the left). Police kept the traffic moving and it was smooth as glass. Amazing.

Framed art, kitchenware, babyfood, clothing, books, hardware, furniture, computer supplies and other electronics. Movies, CDs, computer games. All came and went.

I went there with four large bins of clothing, electronics, kitchenware, frames, per supplies and much more. I came home with almost none of it and with a meditation bench (who knew I'd find one of those) pants hangers (I had said that morning I needed to buy some) a Dilbert collection, a massage therapy text and a Pink Floyd T-shirt.

Some folks found exactly what they were looking for. Torch lamps. baby clothes.

We are making a difference and bringing people together at the same time. There was great interplay between the RRFM and Food not Bombs as well. All together, it was perfect.

Thanks to everyone who participated and to all those who helped get the word out. Same time next month folks. Last Sunday of the month, 1 to 4.

Craig Smith (center, in crosshatch shirt), me (blue shirt and dungarees), Shelly Baum (behind me, sitting, in purple shirt) and Matt Briand (far left, in hat, looking down).