Saturday, July 31, 2010

Time for someone or someones to take over.

As I have not been in town many weekends, would anyone like to take over sending out invitations, posting a monthly event, and posting from time to time?

I am happy, delighted to have gotten this started but it is time to hand it off and get myself back to creating some more things.

The idea was for this to be a community effort. That's why this was set up as a team-blog. But, thus far, no one else has posted. Inviations were sent out but few have taken advantage of them.

So, who wants to jump in? Post pics? Write a line or three? Perhaps assist with the Facebook Group?


  1. Are you still looking for someone?
    What would they do?


  2. Yup. The more people who continue getting the word out, sending out the invitation in whatever venues we can, sending out the notices on yahoogroups and others, the better. We need folks to jump into and write on the blog. Even making and posting flyers or posters.