Monday, June 15, 2009

Free Market in May. Growing and Growing.

May's Free Market started early with folks showing up around twelve-thirty to set up. Many came with tables but discovered the location was perfect in that no tables are needed. No tables and plenty of shade.

There were over fifteen large boxes of book this time brought by several people. Plus, DVDs, CDs, CD ROMS and videos. A local radio personality brought a large number of cassette tapes as well.

There was plenty of furniture this time to. There were even small appliances and electronics. Blenders, satellite dish, coaxial cable, a game system, bathroom appliances, VHS players and some other devices I didn't recognize.

On top of this there was plenty of clothes and food. And a block over, across the street against the water was Food Not Bombs and there was constant give and take between the groups. All were fed, clothed, furnished, books, musics and electronicated.

How could it be better? Not sure. I think, though, in June, we'll find out.