Sunday, November 29, 2009

Black Sunday - RRFM for November 09 a huge hit.

Black Sunday

The RRFM for November was a wonderful event. That goes without saying, I guess, but I felt like saying it anyway. I had been telling people to forget Black Friday; come on out to the Free market and Leave your wallet at home. Craig said that it was a sort of Black Sunday but that just reminds me of the movie. Lots of folks took the hint though and it was a wonderful time.

We were joined by Food Not Bombs to so there was music, drumming and lots of food as well goodies everywhere. We spread out past our normal limits in Holmes Park. A great day.

There were writers and illustrators and radio personalities and journalists and city commissioners and musicians and folks of all types bringing things of all sorts.

Furniture, electronics (TVs and VCRs and DVD players) and small home appliances like capuccino makers and coffee makers and iced tea makers and blenders and pots and pans and dishes and utensils and you get the idea. Even an ice cream sandwich maker.

Clothing was everywhere. CDs, DVDs, tapes, books and magazines as well. Furniture and garden accessories were all over the place.

Someone had brough her collection of baskets and ceramic figurines to give away. Three 1.5 x 2 foot flats of figurines of angels and goddesses and nymphs and people took one, here and there. A wonderful addition and we appreciate it.

I brought much of what I had taken from my parent's home. it was great to see my mother's Pyrex baking dishes go to a family who really needed them and see her hats, too small for me to wear, enjoyed being worn around the park.

So maybe Black Sunday is not a bad term after all. Remember, at the RRFM, regifting is always in vogue and never impolite. See you December 27th.