Thursday, July 16, 2009

June 09 Freemarket was a Blast.

The Freemarket in June was amazing. Dave Stover from BlueDuck Enterprises (computer repair and document services) brought his stock of extra computer parts with RAM of various types, modems, cords, printers, boards and enough other spare parts to build several computers with. There was furniture and VCR, DVD players, and a phonograph. There was plenty of clothing and boxes and boxes of children’s clothing and shoes. Great for families with growing kids.

There was media as well with seven boxes of books as well as tapes, CDs, records and computer games.

There were household appliances as well and tools for the taking.

People arrived early (about quarter to one) and, after two large waves, we wound up around three-fifteen.

I picked up two small baskets of exactly the size and shape I was about to buy. One holds MP3 players and such and the other chargers and cords. So I, and many others, went away happy.

There was plenty of food for the offing as well,

This time, no one left their things and we had no cleanup. We certainly appreciate that. It’s a market, after all, not a dump. One person took much of what was left to CITA.

We had one small challenge: One older lady had several bags of clothing she brought. As I was helping her open and put them out, I found one bag had syringes, needled and all, in it. Lots of them. A BIG no-no. I turned to find her not there and I took the bag and disposed of it properly (we have a sharps container at The Wellness Center). Please please please no prescription medical supplies or anything that might be considered a biohazard.

Already I have two crates plus fencing and an office chair ready for the Freemarket on July 26th. See you there.

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