Monday, March 23, 2009

The First Really Really Free Market in the Space Coast

The First in Florida, I think, actually. And April 26th, it is.

Last Sunday of Every Month from 1-4

Holmes Park (manatee sculpture) in Downtown Melbourne, off Melbourne Ave, just west of the train trestle

Like a potluck -- everyone brings something and can leave with more. We all have skills, ideas, objects, talents, smiles, friendship, excitement, discussions and many other things to share. If we bring them together at the REALLY REALLY FREE MARKET (RRFM), we can provide more balanced and full lives for all of us.

At an RRFM, goods and services are available at NO COST. Yes, like a garage sale and fair together, but more so. If you have nothing, that's fine. If you have something to bring, that's fine. But no need to trade. Everything is free, no selling.

Face painting, massage, basic check-ups? Why not. Surplus food? Absolutely! Clothing and books and movies. You bet.

Garden clippings, vegetable and plant seeds and seedings, extra pots? Bring them on.

Bikes and boards? Wheel them in!

Haircuts? Reflexology?

Community info?

Let's show folks what is really mean by THE FREE MARKET.

With a little work (if we work together) we can all have what we need.

Some folks do better than others. It is time to end the concept that wealth is always synonymous with effort and poverty is always synonymous with lazy. Let's support each other, those who have, and those who don't.

Bring food, music, clothes, furniture, toys, skills and thrills and anything else you can give, share, or barter. Skills? Bring 'em on. Fun skills, serious skills. Juggle? Play any instruments? Bring them. Why? Why not?

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